Emergency Food Service

Food Storage Units

We offer portable food storage units to provide emergency food service and emergency food assistance during any kind of natural or man-made disasters and calamities. Our emergency food bank is stocked with all kinds of dried foods, grains, dehydrated vegetables and beans to help perform emergency base operations and base camp food services .

Our emergency food bank also have specialized units for freeze-dried food which are easy to constitute and use for emergency food service . We also have food units that require absolutely no cooking process and are beneficial for emergency base operations during an emergency food service . These include complete meals in themselves like breakfast, lunch and supper and are great for base camp food services and emergency food assistance . Our food units are packaged in sturdy cans and plastic containers in our emergency food bank to avoid spillage during transport and are also easy to use and dispose during emergency base operations and emergency food service .

The lightweight equipment provided are easy to use and versatile for emergency food service and emergency food assistance and also keeps in mind the lack of adequate space during emergency base operations. We are also equipped with solar powered grills and ovens as electricity services are likely to be hit during any disaster and should not be a hindrance to our emergency food bank or emergency food service . Our manual juicers are extremely beneficial during this time to churn out healthy juices for the affected and the rescue workers providing emergency base operations and emergency food service.

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Even while performing emergency food service , stringent quality check procedures are carried out in our emergency food bank to provide safe, healthy and hygienic food to all. Our team of dedicated staff and management personnel ensures that our emergency food bank is always well stocked for any calamity and thus enables us to provide emergency base operations at any given time.